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11 Reasons Flying Private is Safer than Flying Commercial

11 Reasons Flying Private is Safer than Flying Commercial

By: Morgan Ryan


Aviation is by far the safest form of travel, but is there a difference in terms of safety when it comes to flying commercial versus private? Private air travel is on the rise for several reasons, one of the biggest being that it is a superior experience in terms of safety. When it comes to flying private, there have always been common misconceptions, as well as overlooked benefits, as to why it is the safest travel option. Below are 11 reasons why flying private is a better choice for the safety of you and your loved ones the next time you are booking travel. 






1. You're in Control

What makes Momentum Jets stand apart is that our customers are in total control. From your preferred time of takeoff, to the jet you select and your personalized food menu, every detail is up to you in order to maximize your comfort and safety throughout your travel experience. Speak to one of our concierges to see how we can tailor your travel to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

2. It’s in the name - it’s private

If privacy is a safety concern of yours, then for obvious reasons, booking private travel is the preferable choice. Even if you book an empty leg (with all the benefits of on-demand private travel at a highly discounted rate), flying private is a far more intimate experience. Whether you plan to charter a private jet or book an empty leg, private air travel provides comfort to those who value privacy as an essential aspect of their safety. 

3. Less contact with others

Speaking of intimacy, the number of people you will encounter through private air travel versus flying commercial is much less. Commercial air travel exposes you to countless people from across the world whereas private travel brings this number fully within your control, reducing it to your crew and other passengers of your choosing.

4. Cleanliness

Less people means better sanitation, and beyond that, Momentum Jets maintains the highest quality cleanliness standards. Each jet operated for Momentum Jets’ clients is treated with an antimicrobial barrier that makes the chances of catching or transmitting unknown bacteria, germs, and viruses little to none.

5. Food Safety

People are more aware of food safety, and their food preferences, than ever before. Whether you have a nut or gluten allergy, lactose intolerance, or prefer halal or kosher food items, private air travel allows you to personalize your in-flight menu. Due to the sheer magnitude of passengers on commercial flights, commercial airlines are unable to accommodate diverse food preferences, and food quality suffers. Momentum Jets can customize in-flight food menus to any person’s palate, not to mention provide access to numerous high-end food items.

6. Better in poor weather conditions

It is a popular myth that private air travel is more dangerous than commercial air travel because the planes are smaller and more susceptible to turbulence. The reality is that commercial airliners cruise anywhere between 33,000 to 38,000 feet, whereas private jets are able to cruise at 40,000 feet and higher. Commercial airliners have to stick to rigid flight paths, while private jets have more flexibility to change routes and fly above bad weather conditions.

7. Smaller, specialized staff to handle baggage

This may not seem significant in terms of safety, but it absolutely is when it comes to safeguarding your belongings. Not only will you be able to bring whatever you need (with no hidden fees for extra weight), including sports and music equipment, instruments, expensive items, and whatever else you can dream of, there is also no fear of your personal belongings being tampered with, stolen, or lost.

8. FBOs (private air terminals)

FBOs, otherwise known as Fixed-Based Operators, signify private air terminals. You can forget congestion, waiting in lines, or taking off your shoes at the security checkpoint, as you are personally guided through a smaller luxury FBO for a quick security screening. Fun fact: most private air travelers arrive for their flight fifteen minutes early, max.

9. Travel time goes way down

Ever had to fly to a major travel hub, just to hop onto another plane, train, or automobile in order to arrive at your final destination? With private air travel, avoid all the extra running around and kick your feet up as you fly to any remote corner of the planet.

10. Routine maintenance on all aircraft parts

Momentum Jets only works with the highest safety rated companies. ARGUS and IS-BAO rated companies go through rigorous safety audits and have the best aircraft engineers in the field. These experts perform hourly maintenance check-ups on our airliners. For aircraft owners, maintenance falls on their plate as their responsibility. By chartering a jet, you can rest assured that all systems are held to the highest maintenance standards.

11. Modern, high-tech airliners

Not only are our jets routinely inspected, we have access to the most modern, state-of-the-art aircrafts available in the world. Want to view Momentum Jets’ fleet of unparalleled executive jets? Click here.


Flying private comes with endless benefits that make it an elevated and superior travel experience. Momentum Jets' concierges will help you plan your travel and offer you the most personalized flight experience possible.

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