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Anguilla Private Jet Charter

Private Jet Charter from Toronto to Anguilla

Anguilla is approximately 16 miles long, from the east end to the west end, and 3 miles at its widest point. This small but beautiful island also includes several offshore islets and every one boasts incredible stretches of white sandy beaches and lush vegetation. These islands are for solo travellers, couples, families, and business travellers alike. Anguilla is also one of the safest islands in the Eastern Caribbean so, no matter the reason for travel to this incredible paradise, it’s always a pleasure and must be seen to be believed.

Landing Possibilities in Anguilla

If you are planning a trip from Toronto’s Lester B. Pearson International Airport (code YYZ), you will likely be landing at Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport (code AXA). You can also choose to fly into Princess Juliana International Airport (code SXM) in St. Maarten and take a sea shuttle or ferry to the island. Puerto Rico’s Luis Munoz International Airport (code SJU) is also a good option being a short flight of approximately one hour to the island.

Travel Tips for Anguilla

If you are wondering how much sunscreen to pack, the answer is a lot! Anguilla is famous for having the best weather in the Caribbean and it’s one of the sunniest islands all year round. Even if by some slight chance it does rains, you’re almost promised a rainbow and the sun will come out again on the same day. The island is full of return travellers because once you’ve experienced the perfect combination of amazing weather, white sandy beaches, and crystal-clear coral-filled water, you can’t get it out of your mind until you’re back there. The best time to visit is typically May to August but if you are a person that likes their vacations in sunny solitude, September is a great time to visit as it’s the quietest and the hottest time of year on the island.

Once called Malliohana, meaning the Sea Serpent, Anguilla’s rich culture is reflected in everything from the food to the music, the art, & even by the people themselves. Anguillans are known to be some of the friendliest people in the whole Caribbean with a rich history dating back several thousand years. The residents are polite but also conservative. Wearing beach attire anywhere but the beach is frowned upon so be sure to shop and eat with your clothes on. If dining in an establishment outside of a resort, be sure to call ahead to determine the dress code.

Relax, unwind, and eat everything! The food in Anguilla is incredible and many dishes unique to the island. Having the reputation of being the ‘Culinary Capital of the Caribbean’, this small island definitely lives up to it in a big way. Seafood being a mainstay as there is very little farming so anything larger than sheep or goat needs to be imported. Fruits and vegetables are also grown in abundance so expect to quickly become a foodie if you aren’t one already.

If you are a fan of sailing or boat races, Anguilla is the place for you. Boat racing is their national pastime, and each boat, captain and crew has their own set of fans to cheer them on. The traditional schooner races are held at various times throughout the spring and summer and are considered true island “don’t miss” events and are always accompanied by music, food, and dancing. In fact, if you left home a landlubber, you’ll surely return an expert seaman as almost everything fun to do is either on the water or beside it. A few top attractions not to be missed are - Little Bay, Prickly Pear Cays, Shoal Bay, Rendezvous Bay & Sandy Island. Why not check out each one by way of a sailboat or a catamaran. Ask your concierge about the many excursion opportunities on the island.

The days are long and hot and oddly enough all that lying around can have you feeling a little exhausted but save some energy because the nightlife in Anguilla is just as hot and the music even hotter. Whether you want quiet and romantic, upbeat dancing or just to sit back and be entertained while smoking a cigar, you’ll find a haunt that’s perfect for you. Sandy Ground is the strip that hosts it all. This historic zone boasts a good array of nightlife that never disappoints.

If you are a shopper and love to take home that perfect souvenir of something locally made, then this is the place for you. The entire island of Anguilla is scattered with art galleries boasting paintings, sculptures, and carvings. They even have their own world-famous island-built racing boats for sale. If beachwear and the perfect pair of flip flops is what you’re after, they have those too! Every large resort has their own sophisticated boutiques with clothing, accessories and jewellery but if you feel like meandering, support the islanders, and check out the local shops.

Whatever the reason for your trip to Anguilla, Momentum Jets can help ensure everything is ready upon your arrival. Our travel concierges will happily take care of your accommodations, including booking ground transfers, transportation, and hotels. We want to make your travels as seamless and enjoyable as possible, so you can enjoy your time island style.

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