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Bermuda Private Jet Charter

Chartering a Private Jet from Toronto to Bermuda

Warm days welcome you to the island of Bermuda! Whether you’re a jet skier or a casual fisher, Bermuda is a choice location to have some fun in the sun. Museums, pink sands, beaches and even a walk on the ocean floor are just some of the activities awaiting you when you charter a private jet from Toronto to Bermuda.

Picturesque cliffs, coves and secluded beaches set the scene for your sunny getaway. Visit the South Shore Beaches or play 18 holes of golf on the green. Discover Bermuda’s marine history through lighthouses and strongholds built for protection in the 1870s. This destination offers fun for the whole family. Business and leisure travellers alike will find food to entice the tongue, dancing to delight the body and the sea to strengthen the soul.

Landing Possibilities in the Bermuda Area

Setting you down in the scenic Bermuda Islands couldn’t be easier. Your jet landing in Bermuda begins at the L.F. Wade International Airport (code BDA). You’ll set foot first in the Parish of St. George, a close 11 kilometres away from Hamilton.

Travel Tips for Bermuda

Bermuda is undeniably a beach-lover's heaven. Tobacco Bay will engulf you in sunset bonfires. Bask in the blue of Horseshoe Bay’s clear seas. You’ll truly feel like a castaway on this island whose beauty is unmatched. Explore the vibrant gardens before your descent into the Crystal Caves at the Hamilton Parish as a group, as a family, or as a solo expeditioner.

Speaking of Crystal Caves, why not head to Grotto Bay Beach Resort’s Natural Spa for a hot stone massage by candlelight inside one of these ancient caverns? Exhale into award-winning treatments with a warm bamboo massage, reiki treatment, body scrum or couples’ massage to kindle the fires within. Awaken your mind, body and soul afterwards with yoga aboard a paddleboard (or simply on the beach for those still working towards their inner peace and balance).

Take in a tennis match or gold to your heart’s content. With roots in Bermuda, you’ll have a chance to play on some of the best courts in the world. If you travel in late October, you’ll be present for the renowned Butterfield Bermuda Championship.

After your morning of wellness, travel to Jobson’s Cove for the ultimate escape with near-complete seclusion. Surrounded by pink sands, clear blue water and encasing cliffs, you’ll feel like you’ve found your own world here. Find this spot within a short walk from Warwick Long Beach Bay. Continue your connection to nature with a stroll through Bermuda’s National Park. The Bermuda Arboretum is host to both indigenous and foreign species, like the avocado tree, rubber tree, and black ebony. Listen to the birds chirping above in this sanctuary of tropical tranquillity.

Hiking and biking are also popular options for Bermuda adventurers. The Bermuda Railway Trail National Park gives you 28 kilometres of track that used to be an old railway but provides perfect walking and cycling opportunities for travellers today. Be sure to bring sunblock, water and your camera as there are sights along the way you won’t mind slowing down to capture. Cool down after your activities and enjoy the flavours of lobster, fish, craft cocktails and fresh fruits.

Momentum Jets ensures that your tropical getaway is truly an escape. That means we’ll take care of all the planning for you. Don’t worry about the details. When you choose our fleet of luxury private jets, you’re choosing a team you can count on. Charter your next adventure today.

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