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Chile Private Jet Charter

Chartering a Private Jet from Toronto to Chile

Typical of South American beauty, Chile is a landscape of contrasts. Esplanades will provide you with long stretches of beach to walk along at your leisure, while the Pacific coast provides the perfect backdrop. With the clearest skies in the Southern Hemisphere, Chilean Astrotourism is another feature unique to this beautiful location. Chartering a private jet to Chile from Toronto will bring you close to the stars.

Spanning 3 separate continents, Chile is unique in many ways. Its impressive ecosystem offers opportunities for adventurers and food lovers alike. Wine and gastronomy will be a highlight of your trip as you stroll through various vineyards and enjoy cuisine influenced by indigenous traditions, local ingredients, and a European twist. Visit the city of Copiapó, found in northern Chile’s Atacama Desert, to taste locally acclaimed wines. There you’ll have the chance to taste a brew made from sweet fruit at the Copayapu Brewery as you enjoy some of Chile’s signature seafood. All in all, Chile is an impressive destination.

Landing Possibilities in the Chile Area

Landing in Chile with your private jet couldn’t be easier. Your trip may begin at the Santiago Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport (code SCL) or the Viña del Mar Airport (code KNA). No matter which airport you choose to arrive at for your trip to Chile, you can be sure that Momentum Jets has you covered.

Travel Tips for Chile

Chile’s light pollution is scarce, meaning that its starry skies are on full display for visitors from around the world. State-of-the-art technology and scientific observatories await your discovery. Imagine yourself lodging beneath the stars after a full night of looking out for planets, gazing at galaxies, and contemplating the universe.

Continue your contemplation in the hot springs and spas as you dive deeper into relaxation. The sounds of the rainforest pouring down on you, or the chill from a snowcapped mountain, will set the scene for your soak. Chile boasts over 270 springs to choose from. Bask in herbal treatments, enjoy traditional Chinese medicines, take a yoga class, or find inner peace through meditation while you treat your body to a restful, rejuvenating spa experience.

If you’re the type to enjoy a trek before a treat, you’ll want to head to the Huerquehue National Park. From here, you can take part in a 2-day hike to Pucón where you’ll then travel to Coñaripe to enjoy the geothermal hot springs as you reflect on the vibrant forest foliage you encountered on your voyage.

The Miscanti and Miñiques High Plateau lagoons in the San Pedro de Atacama will take you to the foothills of the Andes. If you’re willing to wake up before dawn and travel 89 kilometres from San Pedro, you’ll even be able to see the Tatio Geysers! The steaming earth and otherworldly landscapes will surely surprise you.

A visit to the Mineralogical Museum in Copianó will display meteorite fragments and the world’s largest mineral collection in the world. Many of these treasures have been found in the Atacama Desert, and artisanal crafts are available for you to take home with you when your journey is done.

Deserts, mountains, valleys, and volcanoes set the scene for wildlife watching. Chile is home to whales, foxes, and flamingos, making it the perfect place to reconnect with nature. Whether you prefer warm weather or colder climates, you’ll have your choice in Chile.

Chartering a private jet ensures that your trip is sophisticated and luxurious. We meticulously plan every detail for your travel needs in business and leisure alike. Discover our fleet of luxury private jets to take to the skies.

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