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Empty Leg & Seat Sales

Empty Leg Flights

You have arrived. Review available empty legs and available seat sales below or sign up to become a Jet Advantage Member to receive  empty leg  pricing alerts,  available seat sales with bespoke travel planning.   Our Jet Advantage program is the optimal private jet solution for individuals and businesses that are looking for discounted trips that offer full-service, on-demand air charter benefits.

Have you already booked a charter with us? Allow us to significantly offset your costs by selling your empty seats. Through crowdsourcing and our expansive global network of clients, we are able to source individual travellers or business executives who are looking for single seat fares. Speak with our travel concierges to find out more.

(An empty leg is a reposition leg that has been purchased as part of a roundtrip charter. The empty leg (reposition leg) can then be offered at a heavily discounted rate.)

You have arrived
You have arrived.

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