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The British Virgin Islands Private Jet Charter

Chartering a Private Jet from Toronto to The British Virgin Islands 

 With over 60 islands to its name, the British Virgin Islands combine historical, culinary, and natural delights. The Caribbean’s signature sunshine will wash the weight of the world away. Your island adventure begins when you charter your luxury private jet from Toronto to the stunning British Virgin Islands. 
On Anegada, you’ll find a limestone and coral reef, underwater caves, and old shipwrecks, making this the island for you as a SCUBA diver or snorkeler. The Virgin Gorda is known as the most beautiful of the islands, which is no small title considering the sheer beauty of this landscape. Tortola is the largest island, which will be your starting point after landing. Luckily, it’s pristine beaches and turquoise waters make it the choice destination for luxury lodging, yacht clubs and water sports. Jost Van Dyke is the island for you to step through history with a visit to sugar mills, mines, explorer footpaths and some of the best dining you could hope to find. 

Landing Possibilities in the British Virgin Islands Area 

Beginning your trip to the British Virgin Islands is easy with Momentum Jets. We’ll land at the Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport (code EIS), which is the main airport. It’s located on the smaller Beef Island, nearby the Tortola mainland. From the Queen Elizabeth II bridge, we’ll be happy to transport you to your next destination. 

Travel Tips for the British Virgin Islands 

A notable feature of the British Virgin Islands is the Bubbly Pools. A geological wonder, these pools are naturally heated and made bubbly like a hot tub by waves rolling through cracks in the rock that surrounds them. Find this delight on the Jost Van Dyke island. You’ll have your choice of luxury resorts, private villas of fine lodges to choose from when you begin your stay, and the lush mountainous surroundings of the islands will have you in awe. Enjoy yoga, a spa treatment and a standup paddle boarding session all in the same afternoon! 

Military forts, mines, sugar mills, museums and ruins dating back to 1500 BC make the British Virgin Islands an entertaining destination for the history lovers and curious minds alike. Water sports are another popular way to pass the time on the British Virgin Islands.  

Considering the pristine clarity of its rich blue waters, the vibrant foliage of the landscape, and the island lifestyle itself, sailing and yachting the Caribbean Sea may steal your heart. Some boats are even equipped with glass bottoms so you can observe marine life as you glide across the waves! Kids will love pointing out the life below water, while you’ll enjoy your time fishing or basking in the sun aboard your boat. Immerse yourself in the nautical world with an afternoon spent snorkeling on an eco-tour around Jost Van Dyke. 

After you dock, your culinary exploration will begin, featuring barbecue, Indian and seafood, prepared by warm-hearted and welcoming locals for your pleasure. Coco Maya is a popular tourist location, and will provide the perfect backdrop to your romantic sunset dinner and the beginning of your night swooning over the moonlit sea. 

At Momentum Jets, we offer a defining experience from the beginning of your trip to the end. We specialize in delivering seamless, premium and meticulously planned services to our business and leisure clients. We take pride in offering the best experience available. Your accommodation, transportation and itinerary plans are in good hands with our team, and we’re excited to take you to your tropical oasis. The British Virgin Islands are awaiting your landing. Take to the skies today and find your next adventure. 

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